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When You're Faced With Opportunity

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Sometimes life will spring forth something new, something exciting, something that makes our heart flutter with joy bursting forth.

These are positive moments that originate due to factors such as hard work, determination, a pinch of luck and a big dose of divine intervention (if you believe in such, I personally do).

Opportunity is a moment when we decide whether to pursue something new or to keep doing what we are doing. All opportunities do not need to be pursued but all opportunities should be considered.

There is much wisdom involved in how to pursue the best opportunities life sends us. We can just take everything that comes our way, but if we do; then we will not live in an intentional, focused manner.

In order fo us to choose what is the best for us, there are three things we should consider:

Decide carefully:

Many times, especially during times of “work drought”, we are tempted to take the first thing that comes along. Yet, the first thing might not be the best thing. In fear, we might just take the first thing and in the end it will only make us more miserable… and the chances of succeeding will grow increasingly slim. It is important that if you find yourself with an opportunity, that you take the time to think on it… which leads me to the second point…

Seek wise counsel:

It’s easy to find ourselves in a vacuum, where we feel like we know what is best for us. Yet, the greatest decisions that have been made have been made with a council of people. A gathered sum of wisdom from the many is better than the limited knowledge of one. Find people you trust and respect and ask them what they think about your opportunity. Finding impartial, wise and well-informed advice is worth more than gold.

Present with confidence:

While humility is an important characteristic of any emotionally mature human being, it does not mean that we should be self-deprecating about our talents, skills, wisdom and experience. Your confidence should not be confused with pride or arrogance. Your confidence is rooted in knowing that you are worthy of such an opportunity, but you are humbled by the opportunity and will seek to do your best and to always be willing to learn and collaborate with those you work with.

These are some simple, yet important tips when opportunity comes across the horizon in your life. Remember that opportunity will come at the right time and in the right place. Remember than not every opportunity is the right one. Remember that you are worth every opportunity that comes your way. Remember to seek the advice of those who have been successful and can guide you into choosing the best opportunity.

So what tips do you have about choosing the best opportunity? What are some positive and negative moments in your life when it comes to opportunities that have come in your life? What can you do to be more confident in who you are and what you bring to the table?

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