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Recap: Week One of AYWOSM

So, it's been a week since I decided to leave social media behind...

... and let me just say...

... it is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

On the contrary, I have seen such an improvement in my life... ALREADY: IN JUST THE FIRST WEEK!

Here are some initial thoughts about my first week off of social media:

1. I'm enjoying life more fully

Before I decided to do this experiment, I was living my life with a social media framework in mind. I was living my life in "moments" to be captured, not life to be experienced. I was living in such a way that I thought I needed to document everything: from the mundane, to the deeply personal, to the exciting, to the... whatever. I needed to capture all of it in the moment. The problem was I wasn't fully living intentionally and completely with a phone stuck to my hand. Now, I have noticed that I can just live and enjoy without having to think of capturing the moment.

2. I'm not on my phone as much

This one is a slow process. I couldn't believe how much I was on my phone before I dropped social media. When I heard that the average teen is on their phones 9 hours a day, I said to myself "Wow, those teens are lame!" 

Till I realized...

... I was on my phone the same amount!

I couldn't believe how often I was picking up the phone until I was off social media. Since I have been off, I was just picking up the phone almost involuntarily, without thinking. It became so ingrained to just look at my phone constantly. It was scary how addicted I became. Now, I am way more intentional about my phone usage and limiting my time on my smartphone, tablet, etc.

3. I'm significantly more productive

It was amazing to me how much of a time-sucker and time-waster social media is. Ever since I ditched social media, I am doing way better at work, at home, and just by myself. I am reading way more; I am enjoying talking to my wife, making eye contact with here, and listening intently to her; I am more diligent with how I use my phone. I am just using my phone way less and when I use it, it is for a marked purpose not just to kill time.

So these are just some of my initial observations. No doubt I will have more observations in the future and I will do my best to keep diligent with journaling those on here. But I will talk about some of the negatives as well (because there are a few). 

- Ryan

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