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Recap: Week Three & Four of AYWOSM

So I am about a month down on my year without social media, and I must say that I am growing to miss some of the positive effects social media has, which is to celebrate other people’s life accomplishments and good times. 

When my son was born, I felt sad for a minute that I couldn’t share this news with everyone I’m connected to on social media. I felt like I was withholding this amazing news that anyone would want to share. At the same time I felt relieved that I didn’t have to constantly keep people updated about my life, and that I was constantly present in the situation and that I wasn’t attached to my phone except to take pictures. 

But a big positive is that my wife is on social media and she shared our moments with our son and I did something that I have not done up until this point:

I checked out my wife’s social media. 

Yes, I caved in. I just wanted to know who engaged with my wife’s social media and to see all of the “congratulations” and well wishes. It was nice to see so much love extended to us but I realized that when it was all said and done that it didn’t matter enough to me.  

What really mattered was all of those people that extended their love to me personally, not just on a Facebook wall or Instagram comment. I appreciated the texts, emails, phone calls, and those who came and supported us.  

That was truly amazing. I’m realizing, and this was a truly eye-opening time, that social media provides this facade when it comes to personal, human engagement. Social media might feel deep and authentic, but it’s not: it’s just a shadow of what real relationship looks like: a personal, authentic one-on-one connection with someone. 

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