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Recap: Week Two of AYWOSM

Well, another week has gone and I must say that with every week that passes it gets much easier to be without social media. 

Now there are some things that I miss...

I miss not keeping up with my friends. But this helps me to realize that I need to find other ways and be more intentional about keeping up with my friends. 

I miss not knowing when people’s birthdays are. I never memorize anything anymore and that includes birthdays. I’ve already missed wishing people another year of life and that stinks a little. 

I miss communicating so effectively and engaging with others about the issues going on in the world. But to be fair social media was ineffective in doing this because no one changed their minds they just had their biases reinforced even more.  

But overall I don’t miss social media. I don’t miss being tied to my phone and letting it suck so much time out of my life. I enjoy living my life and not documenting it. I feel better and feel more connected to others.  

But I want to be honest throughout this and say that while social media has its negatives, overall it can be a useful tool to connect with people. The sad thing is that I’m realizing that not many people in this world want to know how I’m doing.  

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