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I’ve Kept Things “Open”

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

One of the biggest decisions for me in disconnecting from social media for a year was whether I would disable my profiles and, in essence,  “wipe” my profiles off the internet (temporarily) or whether I would keep them “open” for public view but just be inactive. 

In doing research I found that with Facebook and Instagram I could “disable” my profiles and take them down for public view for any length of time and then re-enable them if I so choose. 

Yet, with LinkedIn and Twitter there is no “disable” option. It’s either leave the profiles up or delete them permenately. This made the experiment problematic (meaning I didn’t get to do what I wanted). 

Problematic in the way that is not very troublesome but somewhat bothersome. I originally wanted to take all of my social media profiles down, meaning disable. But, since with two of them I can’t, I decided that I might as well leave them up but remain inactive for the year.  

I’ve “deleted” access to my social media profiles on all of my devices. Meaning I’ve deleted all of the apps and cleared website access to them. 

I will say I have already noticed how addicted I was to social media when this morning I woke up and I immediately went to go to Facebook (and there was no Facebook to look at). I immediately went “Hmm...” What do I do with my phone? 🤔

This morning I went and started my 365 day “As it happened...” chronological Bible study  on the Bible App, then I went on the Apple News App (my favorite app now) to read the news of the day, then watched a little YouTube (still using this because I use it for pure consumption and not for social reasons), and then shopped on Amazon. 

Now, I will be using my phone for blogging A LOT MORE which is awesome! 👏🏼 (I will be using the Squarespace Blog App a lot)

I can already tell that I will be significantly more productive than I have ever been in my life with social media. It will continue to be an adjustment but it will be for the better...

I hope! 😬 

 - Ryan

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