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Why? The Reason Behind "A Year Without Social Media" (AYWOSM)

Photo by  NordWood Themes  on  Unsplash

This is a crazy experiment for me.

After months of prayer and consideration, and after spending ten years engaging in this almost universal social exercise, I have decided (at what some may argue is the worst time possible) to disengage entirely from social media...

... for an ENTIRE YEAR!

You might be saying:

"What!?!? Why? How?"

Those are good questions. These questions I hope to answer over the next year as I explore what it is like to completely be off of popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In essence, I'm "going dark" on social media.

It's going to be hard. It's going to be weird. It will make some people angry and some will rejoice. Overall I'm doing this for me: for my own mental health, for my own self-improvement. 

I've seen the negative effects that social media use and consumption has had on me. It has damaged my relationships with some, it has caused more pain than good, it has sucked up so much of my time I could spend on way more productive and fulfilling things. 

Social Media, for me, has become like a drug: an addiction that I can't shake... even when I don't crave it. 

Well, no more.

I'm going "cold turkey." I'm withdrawing. I'm doing this.

So, if you want to continue to stay connected to me, you'll have to do it the "old fashioned" way: you'll have to call, text, email, snail mail, smoke signal... pretty much any way possible except social media. I'll be posting my year-long journey without social media on my website and I will also be posting personal updates on my life on my website as well, so as to not completely leave you all out in the cold.

For those of you I know personally and want to follow how my personal life is going, I have created a secure (password-protected) blog called "Journey" where you can see videos, pictures, and short updates on my personal journey through life with my wife, my soon to come son, my family, friends, and other loved ones. To gain access to this blog, email me by clicking here.

I will also be resuming my blog, now called "Musings", on my website as well: where I explore topics such as faith, culture, lifestyle, politics, ethics, tech, ministry, grief, and basically whatever else pops into my mind: no topic is off-limits. 

You can also read 10 years with of content I created on my "The Archives" website which you can find here.

So, I wish you and yours a blissful, fulfilling, beautiful and prosperous new year in 2018. See you back on social media in 2019... maybe.

- Ryan

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